Aeon Must Die!


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Aeon Must Die

“Aeon Must Die!” turns the beat-em-up genre on its head introducing breakneck risk-reward gameplay, innovative tactical fighting favoring brains over reflexes, and an RPG alignment system that tracks how you behave as a warrior and changes the challenge and story accordingly. The ruthless, grim but colorful world looks and feels like that ridiculous action-packed anime VHS tape your parents heavily disapproved of. Go on a violent journey with a disgraced symbiotic emperor, a fuel-blooded amnesiac with a hole in his head and a sentient hoverbike.


♦ Play as both the hero and the villain fighting for control over a single body.

♦ Every dialogue choice you make and every punch you throw affects the enemy AI and the path taking you to one of the five endings.

♦ The enemy adapts to your strategies after every brawl. Stay creative with your approach or face the consequences.

♦ Destroy, subdue or befriend the biker gangs of galactic highways to eventually take on a powerful assassin stalking you like a predator throughout the game.

♦ A completely new battle system that ditches all UI to let you focus on the action.

♦ The story-based death/sanity system will make the game as hard or as easy as you want, but remember that evil preys on the weak-minded.

About the Team

Limestone Games is a video game developer that incorporates people of artistic skills and merits. The team draws inspiration from classical art and contemporary media in their drive to create original hardcore games.